Oh. You are here. Scroll Down and Read about me!

My name is Vipul Taneja. My age is 23. I live in Chandigarh. And that’s the most I’m gonna bore you with gory details.

Since ideas are the currency of the future, I invest my time and moolah in those. Electrical engineering was given to me in dowry by my parents when they married me off to the corporate- or the ‘Indian dream’- as we know it. But I believed in the power of ideas and the power of the internet. So I went ahead and carved a niche for myself in the digital age in the field of Internet Marketing and am currently heading the operations at AdSparkx Media  which helps prospects reach companies and vice versa, and help both of them to achieve maximum returns.

And when I’m not busy doing the oh-so-exciting stuff at my company, I am busy giving away all that I know at events and helping out others who are trying to make it in this internet age .